History of Sushi

Sushi is one of the most traditional dishes made in Japan. Sushi is a dish made of vinegared rice served with various fillings and toppings, including raw fish. It must be noted that Sushi cuisine was invented for preservation when fermented rice was used to store fish for up to a year!


Sushi might be a traditional dish of Japan, but it did not originate there. It originated in China between the 5th and 3rd Centuries BC. The original form of Sushi is called Narezushi, which is still prevalent in Japan. It is believed that Hanaya Yohei was the creator of the original Sushi!

Narezushi was originally made out of rice and fish, which were pickled together, and mixed with rice vinegar which used to be laid under a large stone to be fermented!

Later, the Japanese developed its version of Sushi!

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Types of Sushi

Most of the sushi restaurants in Victoria, including Sen Zushi, offer different Sushi kinds.

We have provided the best Sushi in Victoriafor the past _____ years. Our chefs have specialized in preparing Nigiri, Sashimi, and Tempura Sushi!

When it comes to Tempura is made up of battered shrimp, sushi rice, nori, cucumber and avocado. It is garnished with a little Tobiko and Unagi sushi sauce. Tempura is a method of frying fish or vegetables in a batter made of flour, water and eggs! Our chefs make sure that they use fresh shrimp and other ingredients!

Nigiri Sushi is one of the most common Sushi in Victoria and Japan. It is a type of sushi made from raw fish, but it does not include any rice! Nigiri, in Japanese, means “two fingers.” It is prepared by putting a fish slice between the hand-pressed rectangle-shaped rice block! Often, a small amount of Wasabi or nori(seaweed) is placed between the fish and rice.

Sashimi means “pierced fish.” It is a kind of roll made up of high-quality fresh fish. Like other Sushi, sashimi doesn’t have rice in it! Instead, Sashimi is thinly sliced pieces of fresh fish served plain with Japanese radishes! Sashimi contains the freshest fish, which could be salmon or tuna!

At Sen Zushi, our chefs believe in making Sushi out of pure ingredients, cooking it with utmost passion and baking it with traditional dishes from Japan to make it mouthwatering.

The best rice to prepare Sushi is medium-grain rice! We have been highly rated as making one of the most delicious Sushi because we believe in serving you the best. Hence, we make sure that we use medium-grain rice, also known as Koshikikari, specially grown and imported from Japan.

Our chefs have learnt the traditional and specific art of making Sushi, also known as Itamae! Becoming an Itamae of Sushi requires an apprentice to learn under a master Itamae for around five years!

Our chefs have gone through rigorous training to make sure that they present you with the perfect taste of Sushi.

Sushi rolls

At Sen Zushi, we make sure that we prepare the best Sushi rolls in Victoria. The Sushi rolls are wrapped or coiled! Sushi rolls usually contain cooked fish, rice, crab, shrimp and vegetables!

We strive to serve you the best Sushi rolls and Sushi in Victoria, and our utmost attention is on using the best ingredients and methods of preparation. The best thing about serving food is that you get instant results. Hence, our chefs have developed the best practices and adhere to them every time they prepare them!

Sushi rolls are generally made up of small pieces of raw fish wrapped in rice and Seawood! Sen Zushi has been rated as one of the best Sushi restaurants in Victoria!

Sushi rolls are sushis rolled into a cylindrical shape. Sushi rolls usually come in different flavours and ingredients, including Rainbow roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, California Roll, Philly Roll, Spider roll, Caterpillar roll, vegetable roll and surf and Turf roll!

Sushi rolls are usually heavily garnished with a lot of sauces and stuffings!! We ensure you get the best sushi in the flavour you’ve always liked! We have different ideas while preparing the Sushi rolls.

At Sen Zushi, we ensure that we use very little oil and add it with healthy sesame seeds, seaweed salad, thin slices of fish, shrimp or crab salad, sprouts, thinly sliced avocado, and sliced almonds.

Sushi Rice

Sushi Rice is one of the oldest and most traditional sushi dishes prepared using Sushi Vinegar, sugar, salt, and Kombu! Sushi rice is prepared by making white, small and almost round rice.

At Sen Zushi, we make sure that we add the best quality rice, sugar and vinegar in a trademark style. Our chefs have mastered the art of preparing Sushi rice, adding all the ingredients in the right proportion, which ensures that it helps lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood fats!

Sen Zushi has been rated one of Victoria’s top premier restaurants for providing Sushi and other Japanese cuisines.

Just as there is a particular way to bake and cook Sushi, there is a particular way to eat Sushi! Our chefs and staff will happily assist you in eating Sushi correctly!