It will be a year in December since we re-opened. 

We've been busy welcoming both old and new customers at the newly renovated restaurant on Fort street - our home location. 

"Did you get the same staff back?" is the most asked question...and Yes! we are grateful that most staff came back and helped on our new journey! Now that we are used to the new kitchen and new systems, we are restarting the favorite dishes, such as Yakisoba (fried noodles) and Ramen (coming soon!) 

If you haven't been to the restaurant, please come enjoy the most authentic Japanese food in town, and also, the art pieces that pretty up the traditional Japanese interior. We are also proud of the dishes we use. Nothing wrong with plain white plates but we would love to introduce the beautiful culture of Wa-Shokki (Japanese Tableware) to the people who dine at Sen Zushi.

Walk-ins are welcome but making a reservation is a good way to secure a table especially on weekends. Please do so on our web-site, or call in.

Thank you.

Sen Zushi