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about - SenZushi - Japanese Restaurant & Sushi VictoriaSen Zushi - Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Victoria was opened with the single-minded aim of serving Japan’s authentic and palatable taste. Our purpose is to bring contemporary and traditional Japanese cuisine to you and your loved ones.

During the pandemic, more and more people have started eating healthy food that boosts their immunity and keeps them sickness-free!!

We understand that people require healthy, nutritious, and tasty food. That's why we ensure to serve one of the healthiest Japanese food in Victoria, BC!

All our cooks have been trained to prepare Japanese dishes and make delicious and palatable food. We make sure that we do not use highly processed food and lower sugar. We have become a highly reputed authentic Japanese restaurant in Victoria, BC because we have maintained that classic, balanced flavour and low calories. Moreover, we have made sure that we maintain the original taste and hence, we use very little red meat, oils, fats and dairy products!

Whether noodles, Okonomiyaki, Sushi, Yakiniku, or Yakitori, we get the best dishes made for you by our chefs!

We prepare our food with the help of Japan’s highest-quality sushi rice. Over the period, our chefs have developed and customized the best Japanese cuisine recipes using their secret sauces!

Our Japanese chefs are highly skilled and have years of experience. They pay the minutest attention to details and customize your orders depending on your taste!

You get a refined and balanced Japanese taste because our chefs follow Japanese cooking traditions to bring out the best Japanese cuisine.

Sen Zushi, one of the best Japanese cuisine restaurants, has been in business for over ___ years, and we have a high customer retention rate. We enjoy customer loyalty because we offer the best taste and have constantly kept our prices very affordable!

We handcraft your food and deliver it with care, and our chefs make sure that they follow all Covid related guidelines!

Our traditional Japanese restaurant is super comfy, has a pleasant infrastructure and has been rated highly by many food critics in Victoria!

Forget daily stress and enjoy Sen Zushi’s delectable and rich Japanese cuisine in victoria!

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